Can't play this game anymore

I’m throwing this out here just to vent a little and hope FatShark at least puts a tally underneath the list of people complaining at the very least. I can agree to 90% of the complaining around here about stuff like no red/cosmetic drops, no trophies, weapon/career/talent viability, etc but there are two big factors that have kept me from touching this game recently.

The first is that during this beta patch, the game runs terrible, dropping 80% of its frames on certain maps and making legend (thus the entire game at my level) unplayable. Second is the director is so poorly made, it’s not epic or fun, it’s just tedious to play sometimes. So so often I hear the scream of a boss only to get swamped with a horde and then for the boss to show up sometime between and kill everyone while we’re sardines in a horde - while at the same time we’re peeling 5 specials off of each other which spawned because why the hell not. And sometimes when we’re really doing decent, they’ll be magic stormvermin patrol mixed in.

And with allll of that bull piled on to a single ‘scene’, the few times that we conquer it, crash. I come here, deflated as hell and pissed off to report the crash but someone has beaten me to it. I read the replies and sure enough it’s something that’s not only known about but persisted in the last patch. How can you work on your game and leave something like that in there for another patch? I’d be so damned ashamed if someone came to me and told me my product let them down and not only that, were understanding and hopeful that I’d make it right.

If you guys release a dlc with the game in this condition I’m going to be so damn disgusted with you. When I first started playing I was so surprised by the quality of game I got for $30 but the number of crashes, instability of the game (I’ve dashed into impassible areas as the Handmaiden twice and I’m usually the host so that’s as bad as a crash imo), the miserly loot, the lack of real mechanical choices (especially impactful ones that awe you or make you feel like this combination is yours), and the lottery reroll system has made me and my group of friends all quit. Fix your game guys, I don’t care about more content at this point, I just want to be able to reliably play the game for once.


There’s infinite other gripes I have too with hitboxes, collision, graphical glitches, skywalking hordes, etc I could go on for pages about. Berserkers with their 5 meter reach, allies being able to boop me while simultaneously move through me, two Chaos Knights existing in the same space as one another, Burblespew’s neck glitching across the map. Ugh. All that stuff tends to slip the mind because it’s it’s a fact of life at this point, it’s been here so long you could almost miss it if it was gone (no I wouldn’t).


I’ve lost a lot of hours in this game to end-level crashes after slogging through all the director’s BS. Pretty ridiculous. Worse, I’ve noticed it tends to crash most when the director is being hyper-aggressive to a buggy degree, so all the hard work goes to waste.


i concur. i love this game to bits, but the frequent disconnects, crashes, screens not loading, lootboxes not being awarded, is frustrating, especially when many other games run so smoothly with no issues at all.


If you think of all the trash, lack of effort and poor development as actual features and expect all the crap that the game throws at you it becomes less bad . Also personally I get satisfaction and revenge (kinda) by using exploits which is fair considering all the unintended glitches and garbage bugs that happen to screw players, they should get a break by being able to break the broken game in their advantage.


Yeah, I am kinda at this point, too. The number of runs destroyed by bugs is considerable for me, especially regarding the fact the loot system is so incredibly frustrating. I won’t get tired to stress that while having a good amount of reds, most of them are dupes (FOUR sets of drake fire pistols. FOUR) and I get all my reds from Merchants Vaults and below, probably having opened 100 emp vaults, getting exavtly 1 red from those. I don’t play for the loot exclusively, but once you reach end game, there isn’t much to do than trying out different setups and playing around. But you essentially need two things for that: red items and green dust, both of which FS is DELIBERATELY depriving us in a consistent fashion. If you really thinkt about it, expecting people to pump hundreds of hours into a game to grind for a handfull of end game items is just insane. The game has so much potential, yet the experience is ruined by not only bugs (which are annoying but not thaaaat much of a big deal) but by absolutely mind-boggling choices in design that could easily be fixed within the blink of an eye. The fact that even though so many end game players complain about the exact same things, things that don’t require any effort or real testing to be rolled out immediately, is testament to the fact that FS does not see these things as issues, they are choices they made which they think adds to the games enjoyability. Fair enough I guess, we won’t come to consensus there and you already have my money and I got my money’s worth out of it. Likely though that this will not happen again.


Am I alone with this game working pretty much flawlessly? Easy +100 FPS constantly and never any crashes.
I feel sorry for you who experience this. :frowning:
Maybe there is something in common for all you people with issues? Hardware/software wise?

Game runs well for me. Oddball crash every now and again.
Have not experienced any game breaking bugs myself, but I dont doubt they exist.
Host migration does suck though. Host crash…gotta restart whole level.

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