Crash when clicking lobby browser - PC

console-2021-11-26-18.02.03-d10a434b-f0dd-489a-b000-039866822422.log (291.4 KB)

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I suspect that this crash is mod-related.

I can see you are using the following mods:

  • Player List Plus
  • UI Tweaks
  • UI Improvements
  • BossKillTimer
  • Notice Key Pickup
  • Loadout Manager
  • Reroll Improvements

These mods currently have known issues which are likely to result in unstable behaviour and crashes. You can view the status of known issues with mods here:

Could you please try disabling your mods and see if the crash persists?

This is my friend’s crash log. According to him he tried to use the lobby browser with all mods disabled and still crashed during that period of time, but now it’s working for some reason. But there were multiple ppl get the same crash during that period of time.

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