Crash crash and more crash

I cannot end a map, i always crash at the beginning or during a game, never happen in the lobby (maybe its just a case…).
By the way, this is from 15 minutes ago:

GUID: 28279932-cc77-497a-8207-1d5b9cad223f
Log File:
Info Type:

This is the one i got yesterday:
GUID: 21c838fe-dd31-4ed6-9021-b7189ded0eca

Log File:

Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/entity_system/systems/extension_system_base.lua:111: attempt to index a nil value

Crash Link:


I have no mods installed, i uninstalled and reinstalled the driver video, twice. Already played at the minimum settings AND maximum, same energy, same crash.

Hi @dedalo944,

Sorry to hear that. I can see you’re encountering an Access Violation crash and have a Ryzen 5 CPU, if you haven’t already I recommend lowering your ‘Worker Threads’ count. Please check out:

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