Crash after deed owner left game/ or the other way around?

console-2021-01-30-12.26.21-f6c1d705-acff-4bc3-95be-8c2eb4f58fa5.log (3.8 MB) crash_dump-2021-01-30-12.26.21-f6c1d705-acff-4bc3-95be-8c2eb4f58fa5.dmp (642.5 KB)

Honestly, i’m having so many crashes as of late, it’s not even fun anymore, well, never was of course.
I think it all relates back to the 4.0 update, not the Engineer update or 4.1. Something there was not right / janked V2 up, and i hope it won’t happen again with 5.0 after all get’s fixed until then, at least all that was srewed up by it (if the updates for the weaves will be numerical in order). I also hope Martin didn’t overpromise when he said that more people will work on V2 this year then before, and we will see more content then we are used to. I furthermore hope some of that new energy is put into bugfixing, too.

Sorry for the rant, i’m just not used to so many crashes. Had as much since 4.0 (1 month) than inbetween Grail Knight and Outcast Engineer (4 months), and some of those were repeating fails of my own (crash when changing illusion on GK 2nd weapon, forgot it multiple times), so you could say double the crashes.

Aaand another one.

console-2021-01-30-13.08.57-e217f039-b847-4ac2-9c10-6ae6dff9bdcb.log (1.4 MB) crash_dump-2021-01-30-13.08.57-e217f039-b847-4ac2-9c10-6ae6dff9bdcb.dmp (589.0 KB)

I don’t think I’ve seen these crashes before! I’ve added them to our database with a direct link to your report. Sorry you’re having such a bad time with it.

I’m presuming no crash report pop-up was produced with these? I’d really appreciate it if you could upload your latest vermintide2_launcher.log too!

vermintide2_launcher.log (13.1 KB)
Yep, no crash report pop-up.

Thank you very much!

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