Crash after a few minutes


my brother is experiencing crashes, whenever he tries to play Vermintide 2.
First he tried to play the tutorial and got this error message:

GUID: 7f2c51d0-c639-42f0-9baf-22db5191ed19

Log File:

Info Type:

[Crash Link]:


Then he tried skipping the tutorial and starting a normal mission. This is when this error message occured:

GUID: 6f3866f5-3b8c-42d0-89cd-de9e198799cb

Log File:

Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/input/input_manager.lua:661: bad argument #1 to ‘length’ (Vector3 expected, got userdata)

[Crash Link]:


Sadly I didn’t find anything when searching for it. I hope someone can help.

Thanks and greetings.

Edit: DxDiag.txt (97.3 KB)

Is your brother using Avast or AVG Anti-Virus?

Wow, thanks a lot!
He disabled Avast and now it seems to work.
Thanks for the fast help :smile:

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