Cranking Engineer's Crankgun feels slightly off

Cranking the ult gun feels slightly off, because you can complete the animation of him twisting a full crank and the hand ceasing movement, but the stack of Pressure is not gained until a split-second later, which you must still be holding Reload to gain. It’s a very minor thing but it would make cranking feel significantly more natural if you either gained the stack a fraction of a second earlier or made the cranking animation start a few frames later after pressing reload in order for it to “make sense” visually, so that you gain the Pressure precisely when you complete the full rotation of the crank and not a split-second after. Extremely minor adjustments like this go a surprisingly long way toward making animations feel natural; as it stands my playgroup and I have found ourselves dropping the reload just a hair too early and not gaining our final Pressure stacks.


Yes. This is kinda the issue.

  1. It makes you fail to add a stack of “pressure” in a heat of combat because you’re in a hurry to switch weapon or shoot.
  2. It makes borderline impossible to burn your hand, because you need not to turn the handle one MORE time rigth after 5th stack BUT do a full turn + some more.
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