Experimental Steam Capacitors is tedious

Outcast Engineer’s Experimental Steam Capacitors is a talent that allows you to get the maximum possible uptime on your Crank Gun, but doing so is tedious because you cannot crank while on full stacks. I understand the intent here was likely to prevent the talent from just simply feeling like you have to press “reload” every few seconds, but what we have is worse.

The current flow of the Crank Gun when using this talent between hordes is to charge to full, wait for the stacks to run out, then unload 5-6 shots so that before the next horde comes, you can crank to full to ensure you have your stacks. Furthermore, in quieter moments during the action (i.e. you’re covering a hallway behind you and have just cleared out the enemies), you will have to unload several shots into nothing just to ensure you can get a full crank off to maintain your stacks, and it’s easy to unload a few shots too few and have your crank canceled when the ult bar hits full again, forcing you to start the maintenance process over again.

This “maintenance loop” is tedious and unfun without adding any real strategy or depth to the gameplay, just more steps. Allowing the Engineer to crank while the bar is full when this talent is equipped would solve this issue.