PS4 Chaos Wastes Outcast Engineer bugs

PS4 Chaos Wastes Outcast Engineer
Piston power gets permanently disabled upon getting certain boons. Seems to be any talent that is a part of the OE perk tree. Even going to the next map does not reset piston power. I had earned the level 10 penetration talent, the level 20 4 cranks with 10% attack speed, and the level 30 crank gun has max attack speed, and piston powered. Piston powered was the second to be learned and 4 cranks was the first. However I don’t recall what talents came next.

Crank gun loses all pressure stacks upon receiving a boon. Really annoying when running the 4 stacks are permanent perk only to find the crank gun is uncharged and no attack speed is there 20 seconds later.

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