Chaos Wastes - Outcast Engineer, Losing Bombs Between Maps; other Misc Engineer Bugs

Just as the title says, often I’ll end a tile with 2-3 bombs then start the next match with only 1. Experienced this bug while carrying a Morgrim’s bomb multiple times (e.g., other flat/round bombs just vanish when I load into a new tile).

I also wanted to echo a bug reported earlier is still around – that acquiring Combined Arms seems to replace/remove Piston Power for the first tile it’s active (e.g., acquired Piston Power in some earlier map, bought Combined Arms in a Shrine, next tile Piston Power was not active despite being in Boon’s List, however in the following tile Piston Power was active again)

Lastly, acquiring a new Boon mid-game (e.g., via Chest or Random Boon) resets the Crank Level of the Minigun to 0. Can be annoying when I’ve just cranked the gun.

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