Morgrim's bomb didn't appear in my inventory as engineer (i had a bomb already)

I thought I saw this already, but I didn’t find it. I’ll risk a duplicate.

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You sure it wasnt just in one of the later bomb slots?

Positive. I had 1 bomb before (I think), I definitely had only 1 after buying the miracle, and it was an incendiary bomb. Didn’t get the bomb.
Probably buggy interaction with the engineer.

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@FatsharkLev I believe now it is a consequence of the game keeping track only of the first bomb as engineer. It’s something I see has happened in weaves already.

I finished a map with 3 bombs and when I entered the next step of the expedition (the final arena) I only had 1. I think that’s why the game lost my Morgrim’s bomb that other time.

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