Crafting Mats/weekly currency

It would be a lot better if the crafting mats/gold transferred between classes, having to farm the mats on each toon makes it more of a grinding game vs to have fun and challenge yourself.

As for weeklies, the current state is going to make the game a repetitive mess where as you log in each week and do your challenges on first toon, then go to next, and so on. Making it something you need to do each week and takes up all of your time as more classes come out. Not sharing the weekly currency/actual quests makes me feel like I have to go play every class and do my weeklies before moving to the next.

If the weekly challenges could come with a roll option, as in once you have finished all 5, accept another 5 with higher challenge requirements and more currency. And share the currency with all classes. This way I could play whatever class my group needs and not just the one that I need my weeklies on.