Crafting +2 Stamina, + 10-20% health neclaces no longer possible?

As the title says. Before the latest patches, I’ve had an ample supply of these, but since I’ve spent about 200 GD and 150 scrap without even seeing one with bad stats (like 10% +health or something), I’m at the point when I need to ask this question. Has this been removed by the possible combinations, or is RNGesus just shoving me the its less friendly side?

Don’t worry, you’re just being unlucky. I had the very same problems once also. Just try rerolling again when you get your green dust back… oh, wait a minute! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s another problem, I have Salty and Bardin at 30, Sienna at 24, elf at 10 and Kruber at 5… green stuff is getting a larger and larger problem as it is. That’s precisely why I stockpiled GD for the moment I hit IP 300. I was saying to myself: “there’s no way you won’t be able to get a single good roll 200 times in a row!”. Ohh, was I wrong.

Amusingly, as seen in diablo and other similar games, they’ll tell you that this is rubbish but…once you have one they won’t stop dropping. I got a red with stam and health and since then I can’t stop getting oranges with near perfect rolls for stam and health… I now have 5 with stam health and various perks. Annoying and amusing in similar amounts

Now that you say it, about half the time I get “x% damage reduction against AD, x% block cost reduction”. Not my cup of tea.

That’s why I usually recommend “aging” random number generation for my fellows for most occasions. From the user side, algorithms which are biased to chose combinations which happened further in the future seem more “unbiased” and “random” than actual random results :slight_smile:


Yeah. thats bad that you spent 200 GD already =(

I think waiting for a red necklace and reroll that instead might be the wya to go.

Let me correct that to 250-ish. Yesterday was a busy day…

As things are standing, not even a red necklace would be of any help as I have not seen the +2 stamina, +x% health combination for my last 200+ rolls. Also I haven’t received any reds yet, but I mostly play Veteran (to help my friends level) so no surprise there.

Red items always have the highest stats no matter how many times you reroll them. So if you roll stamina and HP, both will be maxed.

I rolled an orange necklace last night to test this, on my 14th roll I got +18% HP and +2 stamina. So I’m sure it is possible, you’re just getting really unlucky. But if it makes you feel any better, I had to roll my trinket over 300 times to get +5% crit and +33% curse resistance.

EDIT: Also, keep 1 character below level 10 to open chests on. This way you can still get green items in chests.

Just speedrun the rat-bell mission with Shieldmaiden to get green dust.

I have found that playing legend gives green dust because it gives commendation chests that have them.

Not alot but I don’t do as much rerolls as I did when i had no reds.

I don’t use sienna alot so when I happen to craft some greens, I can throw those into the furnace too.

Whoah, that trinket sounds just as bad as my series :smiley:
I was really lucky with the trinket though, since I literally just upgraded my first 300 power trinket to orange and got a 33% curse resist + 5% movement speed, which is good enough for me.

Keep trying, you can still get them just fine, just gotta pray to the final boss, Ranald’s :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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