Cpu i7-8700?

Hi all !!! I’m using Core i3-8100 Processor cpu, fps fluctuates on average when walking (80~100) and I drop when fighting with horde (50~60). All are Low settings
I am planning to replace my current cpu with an i7-8700, can someone who is using this cpu give me advice? Is there a significant improvement in fps?
Thank you and sorry for my English.

I have i7 8700k and Nvidia rtx 2060 super, and I’m having significant FPS drops during most hordes and sometimes just on certain parts of maps. But I don’t think its the CPU’s fault - the game ran fine from 2018 up to the 2021 Halloween update which introduced a big performance hit.
Fatshark broke something and did not fix it to date - their game does not meet their minium hardware specifications which is Intel Core i5-2300 @ 2.80 GHz.

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Thank for answer <3

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