Cousin Okri - The true unseen champion of vermintide!

I was thinking - I know they will be incorporating pictures for the beginning keep. I really hope they include valiant pictures of the true hero of vermintide - Cousin Orki. They can show him slaying a greater demon or single handedly holding off an entire chaos army. He could even be shown fighting Archaon the everchosen.

Naturally, all pictures of him should display the holy halo around his head with white doves carrying his banner behind him. Pictures of him should put banners displaying the God Emperor of Mankind (warhammer 40k) to shame.

We also need a Golden statue (bigger than Sigmar’s statue) in the middle of the keep.


100% agree

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I wish that was true when you played Bardin. All portraits of him becomes heroic as you described but when you switch hero and look at them through their eyes they are just normal pictures.

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