Cousin Okri - The Theory: Plot Twist

So I have a theory about the cousin of our dear Bardin.

We never met the famous cousin Okri nor we will ever meet him it seems. He is only known from Bardin’s stories.

Now, Bardin wants his cousin to appear as a godlike warrior, master of art of killing and the best of all.
He is glorifying him. And that alone is not very suspicious.

Now, add to that couple details, and you will understand what I’m after.

In first Vermintide there is a banter line when Kruber asks Bardin if Okri is even real.
Bardin gets all frustrated and cocky. He repeats the question though. Minor detail, but people often do that, when they are lying. ( Hilarious btw.

However, I am not saying cousin Okri never existed. Add to that a small line in Vermintide 2, where Bardin says: “Stop it, you will never be as good as cousin Okri”. Why would he say that? Does he fear that someone will be better than his cousin or will get a better reputaion as a warrior?

Dwarfs are known to value honor above most things and they want to be remembered as honorable creatures.

My shoot is that Cousin Okri, Bardin’s overgloryfied relative was his very close friend long time ago and he was nothing like Bardin portrays him. He was less capable, he couldn’t fight, maybe didn’t want to, and was certainly not a good dwarf in the eyes of others.
They were probably hanging out a lot, fighting together and all Bardin says about Okri is his own achivements in battle. A battle in which Okri might have died and Bardin has sworn to himself to keep this secret and make other dwarfs and creatures remember him as a great warrior.

Holy Sigmar did I overthink this. The end.


That video :joy:

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite fan theory on Vermintide.

Seriously, something like this would make a lot of sense. What if Okri is somehow even related to his (apparent) banishment? We know from one of the keep dialogues that Kerillian has figured out that he cannot go back . . . What if it was his best friend/cousin Okri who did the shameful act, and Bardin took the rap to save his friend/family member . . . ?

i wanna hear more pls

Wait what? I thought Bardin left because of this treasure map? First I’m hearing of a banishment.

I figured that Bardin talking about Okri like that was the dwarven equivalent of deleating a fallen bro’s harddrive.

Bardin is not banished. Is “apparent” banishment is just dwarf honor. He said he would find Karrak Zorn (wich is the equivalent of the eldorado for dwarves) and he was very stubborn on this. Or the chances that Karrak Zorn even exist are very slim. Kerrilian however is banished but it is never said why exactly. The theory is awsome tho. I just want to hear more about Okri in the future XD