A nice voiceline about Cousin Okri

I was running a Legend Skittergate when our Bardin Slayer started saying

I talked to Cousin Okri recently. Said he considered joining us. Wouldn’t that be something ?

To which my Kruber immediatly responded

Now that’s… That’s a globadier !

(It actually happened and right now all I can think about is that Okri is a globadier. Plus we know he’s an expert in crafting bombs, so that would almost fit)

Anyway, I initially wanted to share that good voiceline fun, but there is more serious business, I THINK OUR NEW CHARACTER IS COUSIN OKRI


Wow, i think i got that voiceline on another mission, too, so it’s a standard Bardin voiceline?

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It’s a mission specific (I think) Bardin voiceline. Basically the rest of the group is sorta over Bardin mentioning this “Cousin Okri” fellow and is totally jazzed about it, but everyone else is pretty mellow about the situation.

Needless to say, if we do get a new character and it is Cousin Okri… I hope that FatShark gives him 1500 hit points and infinite damage/cleave for the first week of release :laughing: just to live up to the legend!


First time I hear it, and Bardin threw it out of nowhere, no-one started a chat mentioning Okri

I’ve heard the line several times, and I don’t think there’s been a continuation on any of those. So yeah, it’s just a part of the usual banter.

Though the prospect of Okri making it into the game is cool and all, I doubt it.

  1. His archetype of being the “jolly Dwarf” (and just a Dwarf in general) is already filled out by Bardin.

  2. I fear Fatshark would be hard-pressed to come up with some original mechanics for him, as Bardin already fills out a lot of them. The only ones that are really left are Longbeard, Engineer, and Runesmith (though the latter two are pretty unique in their own right).

  3. A lot of Bardin’s voicelines about the many exploits of Cousin Okri wouldn’t make sense if he was standing right next to him. Consequently, the voicelines about the other characters doubting Okri’s existence wouldn’t make sense either if they’ve met him in person.

  4. The Okri’s Challenges book also wouldn’t make sense if he joined the team. First of all, why would he issue challenges from a book if he’s in the same place as they are? Second of all, why would he issue challenges to himself?

That isn’t to say I’m against Cousin Okri making it into the game, not at all, I’m just saying I find it unlikely (plus, Kruber could get another voiceline being even more confused about whether it’s the Ubersreik 6 now).


I was only joking about it, adding another character is already a hard work, adding Okri would be too much work x)
Plus you know… He’s a Globadier for me now anyway

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I don’t think Okri is likely, either, but . . . People make so much about Kruber’s line of “Ubersreik 5 . . . or 4”. It’s funny and weird; that, of all things doesn’t seem a deal-breaker. XD I adore the idea that he gets even MORE confused if they did do that.


Tnere is something they could do:
A friend of mine keeps telling me about a mission in shadow of the horned rat IIRC, in which you have to cross a mountain path, all the while a single dawi is fighting a dragon there, and keeps fighting for the entire map. XD

It would be so cool if we met Okri as an NPC in a similar circumstance, doing some incredible sh*t. It could be a way to introduce us to some bigger enemy, like a deamon or a skaven abomination. Or just a pack of ratogres :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a fortunes of war style mission in which he comes and saves our assess, after which he could appear in the keep sometimes.
I can already see lohner and oleysa being terribly kind to him while badmouthing us.

I recently heard a line (one of the boss killing blow kind) where kerillian in a truly not mocking (being serious here), rather lighthearted tone said smth like: ‘Good blow! Did your learn that hit from Okri?’, to which Bardin responds with: ‘No, he learned it from me!’

She is either believing Bardin about Okri and all his shenanigans, or, which is (imo) more likely and would be really awesome, is suspecting the tragedy behind Bardins stories and is just incredibly kind and considerate.

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Or they could go with Cousin Okri grumbling about grudges constantly, to the point of it even getting Saltzpyre down.

“Clan Gurnisson, Karak Eight Peaks, Josef Bugman, Kerillian calling me a lumberfoot for the 247th time…” Slams gauntlet into table

“Yes, yes, we get it, dwarf.”

But I agree, I like his existence being ambiguous. Sometimes its better to have part of the more minor lore things go unanswered.

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