Cousin Okri DLC WHEN?

Would be cool if you guys could add a Cousin Okri DLC maybe in a map pack with a new dwarfen Karak you have 2 explore and safe okri? and maybe add him as playable DLC character with other specs as Bardin or as a Skin?

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This sounds really fun!

Though I think not ever seeing cousin Okri is part of his charm, so I prefer the map idea of visiting his dwelling!


Cousin Okri skin for Saltzpyre :heart_eyes:


Cousing Okri doesn’t need saving.
Outrageous to even imply that, you can bet that one’s going in the book!


I imagine it’d be more like the end of Righteous Stand, except instead of SIGMAR’S GOLDEN LIGHT saving you and killing the whole horde, it’s Cousin Okri.

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