Litterally crying of joy!

After 250 hours played almost on Legend, i finally got the Dual red axes for my favourite career, the Slayer!

Paired with the new skin unlocked after completing all the maps in legend difficulty make him so Badass! :-p

hope you enjoy!


Translated from Klinkarhun : Okri ( can’t see the last one, 99% sure its a Y like Rune) on the left and Dori on the right Axe.

Edit: View from the first Picture.

It is, this is the red model for VT1.

Thanks for the info!

And Okri/Dori means?

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You don’t know cousin Okri? :scream_cat:

HOW CAN YOU PLAY 250 hours on slayer and not know who cousin okri is!


edit: to be fair, i don’t know who he is as well, just ‘cousin okri’.

Congratulations! They look really fantastic!

Okri is a common Name and the meaning of Okri is Craftsman besides that little side note he is literally a Dawi MacGyver.

Maybe it started as Joke at FS, if you think about all that Lines like:“a Bomb! Not as good as Okri used to make them”, maybe im completely off the Trail here.

sooo…what do you want ?..a cookie…uhm……lets see…OH here :cookie:

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