Counterfire does not target all shooters

Yeah I get this same problem as well. Sometimes it highlights only the dreg shooters and not the scabs. It seems to ignore “idle” shooters who have not aggroed onto the party yet, but not consistently and there’s no pattern that I can recognize.

I’ve noticed this as well, it seems that it’s specifically the scab shooters that don’t have sleeves (called Stalkers, I think).

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From my understanding of developer notes regarding this confusion, Counterfire only targets specific types of enemies, not all ranged ones. If I’m not mistaken, Counterfire is intended to target the ones that like to hang back and shoot from a distance. I recognize the description of the ability could be clearer.

But only shotgunners follow the player into melee range. These guys will generally be mixed in with the other flavors of shooters and take cover similarly to them, waiting for the player to move into their firing range.


There’s absolutely nothing different from those shooters to ‘other’ shooters. The only difference is the skill supposed to highlight them, doesn’t. This may be ‘design intent’, but if it is, I’d argue it’s bad design.

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it is a bug. its a bug in the brain of the designers. either it needs a different description or just highlight all shooters. not hard.


I am utterly baffled as to why you would intentionally design it this way. Sorry that’s just stupid. So far as I can tell the scab shooters without masks are functionally identical to the other shooters.


Functionally, they seem identical to all other “shooters” which DO get highlighted.
It ends up as a frustrating experience, as players BELIEVE they’ve removed all ranged enemies from the immediate area, and can focus on melee threats, only to then get shot.
It creates a negative player experience.

Regardless of original intent, this feels like a bug to me too

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It’s not a bug, but I would repost this to the Gameplay Feedback section.
Scab Stalkers (the short sleeve carabine guys) are supposed to be different from Scab Shooters and Dreg Shooters. But in game they are just better Shooters, their volleys hurt like hell.

Honestly I cannot believe you designed it this way. What drugs were you on? Have you even played your own game?

These ranged units, in game, in the thick of it are identically to all the other shooters. They are no different. They don’t split themselves up from the shooters the skill highlights or act differently in engagements. They are just the exact same AI unit with a different model and gun.

So we have established its ‘not-a-bug’ great. Now change this idiotic design choice that NO ONE likes. I have not seen a single player state they like this restriction and think it makes sense. NOT ONE