Counterfire does not reset Volley on Troopers (Only in Missions)

Issue Description:
Counterfire does not reset the cooldown of Volley Fire against Troopers while in missions, but does while in the Psykhanum. (Mission was a Malice (3) difficulty assassination and Malice (3) Investigation)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Join a mission (NOT Psykhanum)
  2. Activate Volley fire with the level 30 Counterfire Feat
  3. Kill a Trooper
  4. Exit Volley Fire at default (non-reset) interval (5 seconds)

Mission Name (If Applicable): All


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Confirmed with video at
[11/22/2022, 5:00AM] [CST]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

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Can confirm this is happening to me too, I am trying to get the penance for my pants (kill 5 designated targets by hitting their weak spots while using your weapons alt fire) and the timer is not resetting when I kill a scab shooter on difficulty 4.

I tried to replicate it in the meat grinder but there it works as intended. Talking to some other veterans it seems like it is working for them but not for me, bump for visibility

continuation of this post per 1.0.8 - this bug report still stands.

The consistency pass on Counterfire that was added on 1.0.8 still does not count troopers as a reset on kill. It only ensures that they are all highlighted correctly (as some troopers sometimes would not be highlighted at all)

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I have the sneaking suspicion that this feat only allows the timer to reset upon headshotting scab shooters (weak spot), I’ve just completed my pants penance because it decided to work in a mission (albeit only once, it didn’t work on multiple occasions). I wish I was recording so I could confirm this but I am certain at minimum the feat’s description is incorrect or the feat is inconsistently broken