Couldn't connect to backend server

I bought the game few days ago and s
Event after closing and restarting the game I get the same issue.
Here is the console log.

console-2022-06-03-23.18.52-bbca4383-7312-4205-95ca-c9b55539653a.log (69.3 KB)

My steam account name is “paleowin”

Hope you can help

Hello! It looks like you’ve since been able to log in and play as normal, is that right? :slight_smile:

Hi there
Yes, problem solved :slight_smile:
My firewall was blocking Internet acces to the game.
In fact, after approving access to some binaries just after launching the game, I had to approve an other program when the game is already in full screen and masking the firewall approval window.

thanks for the reply

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