Could we get some good anti-armour ranged weapons for Ogryn Skullbreaker?

As per title. Something which we could pull out and use quickly.

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Did you just said: give us lascannon already?


I’m not saying that the Ogryn doesn’t need more weapons but isn’t the Grenade Gauntlet’s direct hit a good anti armor option? There’s even a blessing that renders armor on each hit

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The Ogryn needs an Ogryn sized Revolver like Hellboy.

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I use kickback for this. Am I wrong?

Have you tried killing a Crusher in the Psychanuim with a kickback?
The TTK, to put it lightly, is not good XD

Honestly a slug version of the kickback centered around armored targets or a heavy ogryn sized revolver would be fun.

Just tried… I switched to Rumbler… and Rumbler is efficient against crusher

So, or you use this with a non efficient (against crusher) melee weapon, or you use the power maul with a non efficient ranged weapon

Yes, grenade launchers are the only weapons which make a dent in Crushers, but ammo efficiency isn’t great, neither is the DPS.

A decent granadeer guntlet with tier 3 rending and +25% to carapace kills one damnation crusher in 3 hits, Rumbler can do a pretty good job too and can have brittleness.


I don’t find it a good idea balance-wise. Not counting zealot’s ult bug only pretty slow weapons with pretty bad ammo count can deal with crushers effectively (bolter, helbore, plasma). Maybe something similar to ogryn wouldn’t kick up the balance too much. Something bad against shooter trash and horde, slow to pull out, slow to fire… But it would still clash with the CC/support focus of the Ogryn. Gauntlet, rumbler, and grenade are effective tho.

PS: In vt2 I found troll hammer torpedo a very bad addition even with all of its drawbacks.


If you knock a Crusher on his butt and then beat him like a step child, that counts.

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Check above… rumbler does the job.

But so does kickback and melee D:

I think you’re describing what is being reserved for Gun Lugger.

Probable weapons:
Heavy bolter
Plasma cannon
(Brother get the flamer, the) Heavy Flamer

All of these would shred carapace.

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Yes, that all sounds nice, but I’m NOT a fan of Fatshark push towards rock, paper, scissors gameplay design, where specific weapons/classes are so good against specific enemies that they offer no challenge at all, or so bad you will most likely dying trying to inflict any damage. This was previously a problem with some weapons in Vermintide 2 and Fatshark eventually at least partially addressed those issues.

Assuming you’re using heavy weight, since it’d be silly to complain about crusher damage while not using it. You have:

Grenadier Gauntlet. Pretty high DPS even without good blessings. It’s like 3 special attacks to kills one. With rending blessing it can 3 shot from ranged as well.

Rumbler. Not as good but high AoE stagger and can inflict brittleness on it making it much easier for your whole team. Good enough crusher damage all things considered.

Ripper gun with can opener. No I’m not referring to the current bugged version of the blessing (though obviously in its current state it’s unquestionably superb against crushers). Stab crusher once or twice and it dies to much less than a clip. Pretty efficient.

I dunno that doesn’t seem like less carapace options than any other class. Especially accounting for the smaller weapon pool to begin with.

If we’re talking about flak then I don’t think a single one of their ranged weapons genuinely struggles with Carapace. I have little to no experience with stubber though.

Rumbler with direct hits works well. Then there is the currently bugged Ripper Rending blessing that allows its regular shots to pierce carapace without trouble.

I sometimes like to use a Heavy Stubber with max damage roll, +25% damage against carapace along with the Heavyweight Feat that gives +50% damage against Ogryns. Simply pull it out, don’t bother bracing and unload on the Crushers up close. Give or take about 5 seconds and they start dropping.

Extra range damage with Heavyweight is the result of a bug. I expect it to be fixed, same as the Can Opener issue.

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Hard to say with FS bugs. If it’s “fixed” then at that point I’d agree Carapace damage for Ogryn weapons is an issue.

Don’t know why you’re bringing up the can opener bug when I specifically stated I was talking about how it functions without the bug.