Could a Chaos Sentinel work as a Monster?

Sentinels are Imperial Regiments lightest (Or second to lightest) Walker, not overly different from a Star Wars All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST)

Height: 5.5m (Max extended)
Width: 3m
Leg clearance: 2m

Compared to an Ogryn who would stand as 2.5-3 meter, making it only possible to hit the leg to bring down the cabin

They could attack with their mechanic legs, kicking at the Convict in addition to using their weapons

There could also be a few variant:

Powerlifter: melee only, can use the Powerlift claws to crush an enemy or throw him away

Mars: Armed with a Multi-laser

Armagedon: Armed with a Lascannon

Cadia: Autocannon

Catachan: Chain cutter and Flamer

If two can be included I would guess it would be the Powerlifter and either the Multilaser/Mars or Flamer/Catachan

And next they could also bring the Stalk Tank

the main problem i would see with it, is the lack of melee vareity a sentinel would have, but considering shooting is supposed to have a bigger role in darktide it, might very well work as a boss that focuses 1 player with a multilaser into cover or targets a player for 3-5s then oneshots him with a lascannon if he didnt manage to find cover in that time. tho one would question if thats truly boss worthy probably would need an entourage of cultist to spice up the encounter.
Lorewise i think it would be plausable for them to have a sentinel they could have overtaken a manofactorum sector in the hive that produces military equipment so i dont see a reason why not.

Totally agree, not to mention I recall the lore stating that we’re also going for face actually traitor guardsmen so would presumably bring vehicles with them when they turned heretic.