[Cosmetics] This is something that has been bugging me

…ever since Vermintide 2.

I just don’t understand. Please have a look:

They clearly were part of one set. Cosmetic items that go well together, but were split up between several classes. This isn’t the only instance of this happening, either. But it’s the most obvious one.

In Vermintide 2, we had cosmetic helmets that didn’t match color scheme and character style a lot of times. Now in Darktide we have plenty of recolors, but stylistically they are still sort of disorderly arranged.

I understand having asymmetrical styles, but when one item is clearly matching another and they’re split up between several classes and locked to those, it feels like something is amiss.



The thing is, even if you spend money - You can’t wear them together. The trousers are locked to Zealot and the other two items to Psyker.
It’s actually a disincentive to spend money, because the cool looking gear cannot be combined, even though it was clearly thematically meant to be worn on one individual.

Edit: To clarify, I photoshopped that image.


They’ve had a really really weird idea about cosmetics since VT i doubt they understand why people want them at all.


A good number of the premium cosmetics share models with other cosmetics even though they’re separated between classes and the textures for some skins are also reused here and there (by that I also mean the fancy cloth patterns).
My guess is that FS planned or still plans to release more premium cosmetics that will just so happen to match well with other premium cosmetics like shown in your picture. And don’t forget that the premium shop prices manipulate you into buying bundles instead of individual items, it comes back to being about money.


So far my interest in the currently available skins is absolutely zero.

Compared to most VT2 skins, Darktides look basic at best. Kind of ridiculous. FS did their best to put impressive, unique, and well designed pieces of armor into VT2. In DT it is just “random bullsh’t go!”. (Also known as quantity over quality.)

There are so many impressive and/or funky guard regiments out there and all we get are standard grunt sets, and prosthetics. No thanks. Hard Pass.

Have not even spent my 2500 Aquillas from the deluxe edition yet.


First time? You should see all the cosmetics they didn’t put in VT2. Like everyone’s favorite Bardin hat, the miner’s light.

I think I saw the “Golden Pantaloons” for psyker while messing around with the Fashion Randomizer mod, but it had a wooden peck on one leg. Not 100% sure. I might not have the restrict to class flag checked. …So there might be a variant coming in the future.

That being said: I’d love to have some of the cosmetics unlocked for all, you know pants, non-class specific helmets like a beret, etc.
The bionic eye is already released like that so there is a precedent.

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