Cosmetics Menu Showing New Icon When There is Nothing New

Issue Description:
Since the full release this morning on only the first character I entered the game with it permanently shows the new item dot next to the cosmetic menu, yet when I go through every menu there isn’t anything new. I believe it is due to a bug when I logged in and was rewarded with my cosmetics.

Steps to Reproduce:

It’s always there in the character cosmetic menu at the top of the screen.


Player ID:
Steam ID: 76561198050097033

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


Same issue for me.

I can confirm that. Also happened for me and my friends i play with.

I have this same issue

This is happening on one of my four characters, but not the other three.

Same issue for my zealot

Confirmed on my Veteran, and it was the first character I fired up the full release game on. There was a big burst of messages about items that were available, but I cant find them anywhere in my cosmetics list. I’ve clicked through on every item in my collection for both my Veteran and my Ogryn with no change.

Same issue, on psyker the prisioners shirt is missing from the menu for no reason and I assumed that that icon was related to that issue, but seems it happens for everyone.

Similar issue here, tho my character, psyker, was a beta character. No Cosmetic Accessories showing up, and perm green dot for new stuff.

Also confirmed on my first character I created which was the veteran class.

Same here for one of my four characters.

Same here I found out it’s accessories I have the penances completed but I don’t get accessories.

I am experiencing the same issue, please fix :frowning:

Same here - on my Veteran - first character I rolled…

This is happening for one of my characters. It is maddening!

Same issue. Zealot.

Can confirm, still an issue into mid-January. My beta character has permanent cosmetics unread.

Confirming still an issue end of March 2023. And it’s not weapon trinkets! Any other ideas?

+1, happening to my psyker for weeks

Dont worry guys its “acknowledged” I’m sure it will be fixed soon :skull: