New cosmetic indicator always on

Issue Description:
When I press “I” to get to the character screen on my Zealot, the cosmetics tab always shows I have new cosmetics. I’ve looked at every single thing (though I haven’t equipped every frame). I’ve looked at my equipped weapons appearances as well. Nothing I do makes this go away.

This doesn’t happen on my 3 other characters.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open “I” screen
  2. See green light taunting you that you have something new.
  3. Despair.


Player ID:
Steam Profile URL

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:


Hey, I have the same thing on my zealot “Chi” !

Check your load out, click on a weapon, then look to the bottom right of the screen for for the “Appearance” button (C by default on PC). Then at the top left of screen is an icon of a lantern on a single link of chain for Trinkets. That’s probably what is still showing as unseen.

Only my Ogryn has a perma-indicator. I think it’s because I bought the deluxe upgrade and the backpack, while unavailable and invisible to Ogryn, is still registering as present and unlocked in some way. I’ve equipped and unequipped everything else.

I should have written in the description that I had also already looked at all my weapon cosmetics as well, including the trinkets. So, unfortunately that’s not it. :frowning:

I just finally looked at the trinket options for a weapon I don’t normally use, which was received from a run - sure enough there was a marker for unviewed object. I still have the indicator for my general cosmetics but I bet there’s something out there somewhere for another gun or melee I long ago dismissed that is waiting for me to view and click. Now I just have to buy one of everything to find out.

That or the Imperial Edition backpack, which Ogryn can’t even use, is somehow registering as unseen on that dude.