Cosmetic Notification

Issue Description: Cosmetic Section of operative saying I have a new item despite me not having any

Does it work off of all characters have a new cosmetic or is class specific get notifications?

Steps to Reproduce:
Open Operative
See if you have any new cosmetics
See if notification persists

Platform: Steam

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone: 12:08PM EST

Reproduction Rate: Constant

Upload Supporting Evidence:



I am having the same issue too.

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Having the same issue.

I am having the exact same issue on my Zealot Preacher. My first character created was the Psyker who does not have this problem. My third created was veteran which also does not have this problem. The Zealot was the second character I created. I wanted to add, I am beta tester and pre-order beta tester and have the imperial edition, owner of Vermintide 2 and Vermintide 1, all games on Steam.

they are aware of it.
it will be fixed.

Thank you for your update.

Any updates on when this will be fixed?

Still got this bug on my vet.

use the mod please, you can use the mod to get rid off about this notification bug