Cosmetics are kidding us!


(will be bug reporting and feedback in the same topic)

Time for frustration with all those bugs brought with WoM version.

I have been surprised when I opened a commendation chest tonight, with zealot, and unlocked a hat cosmetic for sienna battle wizzard !!!

Ok it’s all new, a friend told me you changed the way we get skins with commendation, by unlocking characters.

While before it was already a pain to gain cosmetics for your favorite classes, now it’s again and even worse than all… You’ll get first all what you don’t want, and everything for the classes you play the less, and in the late hours, I mean when you reach like 5000h you’ll finally unlock your prefered skins, for your prefered and much played classes xD Logic and fun rewarding?

But this hat for the battle wizzard I told you, the fact is… I did not even receive it in my inventory xD

I did not take the screenshot of this hat in the opened chest, but trust me, I don’t lie. First, I set as favorite all hats for all classes. no new item is there. Second, cosmetic section did not get the (*) star to notify I got a new item.

Three, I finish with this message :

My inventory is :

(exactly the same as before)

I have been trolled by your “fix” for cosmetics, or I received the same blue one (in the picture I did not check the name, but color was blue, was written for BW) you can see in the last picture, means I got a double, and this last one has been replaced by the old one…

Conclusion : your new way to reward with skins (which had already very low %proc) is not good at all, it’s making many frustrations, even more than before, the best way is to let players choose for who they want the cosmetic (by opening com’ chest with their class), and not giving it to randomness anymore. In this game too many things are random, fun also is random sometimes…

Believe me, no one wants it if you ask ! We are already giving our nerves to the rerolling system, which is eating all your life time for no fun, by no ergonomy (even with the mod rerolling improvement it’s a pain) and full random [Lack of Quality Of Life]. Furthermore many other disturbing bugs are running, but we are here to report them to you aswell.

Or also, we did already tell you, give it back another way to unlock them, by introducing a shop, or the old board with objectives from VT1 (contracts). Or even, the thing you said in an press article with your weekly events, giving us money to buy some of them… :smiley:

Please fix this kind of bugs as soon as possible, like you did with XP exploit with FOW fast. I won’t be happy to get trolled 2 times with it. Cosmetics are already so rare to get…

Thanks… and keep it up, I love your game still :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’ve honestly no idea what could’ve happened here, but I’ve re-added the hat to your inventory. :slight_smile:


Worked, thank you very much for, and yes can’t help you this side, I don’t know why too :slight_smile:

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