Coruscation Staff problems

That’s not entirely true.

Using Roger as a dummy.
Geyser deals 2 different ticks of damage, both of which deal no burn damage or at the very least aren’t affected by Famished Flames.
The higher 12.50 tick can be increased with:

  • Volcanic Force
  • Shrapnel
  • Off Balance/WHC Tag/ Open Wounds/Make 'Em Bleed.

BW/Pyro damage passive, Pyro power talents, UC power talents, barrage, hunter, Power Vs, enhanced power & strength pots all made no difference.
I didn’t get around to testing GK power quest, IB power ult, OE spotter passive & FK comrade in arms.
Stagger state doesn’t affect damage either and Famished Flames doesn’t increase or decrease it.

The lower 4.00 tick isn’t affected by anything but debuffs, not even Volcanic or charge time affected this.

Enemies that aren’t hit by the geyser but instead walk through it wont receive the higher damage tick. However, you can apply the higher damage tick by casting another geyser on said enemies.

The geyser applies 2 burn DoTs to any enemy within when it dissipates, this is affected by everything you’d typically expect, if an enemy leaves the geyser early they wont receive any burn DoTs.

Hitting an enemy with the edge of a geyser immediately applies a burn DoT.
Hitting an enemy with two geysers in quick succession with apply an additional higher damage tick but no additional low damage ticks or burn dots. (even if 2nd hit is with the edge of a geyser)

Lingering flames will overwrite the geyser completely and replace it with the higher damage burn dot until the geyser ends, then it continues with the lower damage burn dot.

The geyser does not overwrite other burn dot sources e.g fire walk, fire sword/dagger/mace/flail.

I like the staff but the way it functions is complete jank.

  • Lingering breaks it
  • Famished provides no real value until it ends, but most enemies will die before then or be so low the regular burn dot will finish them.
  • Volcanic is the best choice out of the 3 but requires fully charging and hitting enemies with the cast.

The geyser is nice, safe supplementary DPS and works well at whittling down packs of elites/density, especially if you and your team can keep them in the geysers but doesn’t deal much without the higher damage tick.


Pardon me for a late reply. And, nope, I didn’t for some reason.
But honestly at this point I kinda lost all interest in this staff so I can’t even bother with any more testing. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be that one person that is going to describe every possible bug/flaw of this staff with scary level of detail just for the post to be marked “acknowledged”.

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