Coruscation Staff and lingering flames

Lingering flames seems to break the coruscation staff - it does an extremely low amount of amount.
After some investigation on the modded realm I’ve sort of worked out how the coruscation staff works. It has 3 types of dots. If you cast it on the enemy it applies a strong dot on them. Then theres the dot for them being in the geyser itself - it seems like multiple small dots are being applied repeatedly whilst they’re in it. Then if the geyser finishes or the enemy moves out of the geyser it applies multiple more small dots.
The problem with lingering flames is none of these dots will stack. If you cast it on the enemy it chooses the first dot, the strong one, and makes it immune to all the others. If they run into it whilst it is going then it chooses a single one of the multiple small dots and makes it immune to all the other dots until it dies. Not only does the geyser do 1/4 of the damage it should with lingering flames but by being hit any part of it makes it immune to the rest of the geyser. (and all geysers after that)

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Yeah if you search around these forums you’ll see the mechanics of coruscation has been discussed quite a lot.

As far as anyone can tell its bizarre mechanics are an intentional choice by FS to stop BW’s talents getting very out of hand with it. You will similarly find that Famished and Volcanic have minimal impact on it (though neither makes it worse like lingering does).

Personally I’d prefer they replaced lingering flames with something else at this point rather than try and make coruscation work better with it. Its entire existence has been a major balance headache in one form or another.


:thinking: I should really search for those threads on Coruscation staff.
That said, I would prefer lingering flames to just be something like 5x DoT duration, half DoT damage, or some similar tradeoff. Or just replace it, and change famished to be +75% dmg, +50% duration.
The Staff’s ridiculously powerful, though.

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