Corus Staff - A couple of suggestions

Yeah, I know it’s called Coruscation Staff. But Corus staff just rolls off the tongue better.

  • A slight reduction to geyser overcharge cost.
    • Right now, the only viable trait for this weapon is Thermal Equalizer which makes it bearable for classes that isn’t Unchained with Conduit.
  • Stagger to common enemies with the Geyser’s initial impact.
    • Corus Staff is a difficult weapon to use because of how inflexible it is with its function. Giving it a stagger against unarmored enemies will make it more viable to reactively and safely create space for yourself instead of only preemptive placements.
  • Remove charge time. Put short cooldown to geyser casting (preferably the same cooldown/fire rate the primary fire has).
    • The geyser’s damage is based on how long the cast time is. It takes a full 1 second charge for the geyser to reach its peak damage, which I personally think is unnecessary when you really just want to quickly put them down. By removing the cast time, you’re effectively putting down its full-charged damage on cast. (Obviously, keep the ability to hold on to its charging animation so we know where we’re casting) To compensate, a very brief cooldown after casting will prevent people from spamming it everywhere in a short amount of time.
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