Coruscation Staff - Adjustment

While there are still several weapons in the game which simply overperform I want to solely focus on the Coruscation Staff and give some suggestion outside of the more-than-justified community complaing about Javelins.

So after a long while most of the community has finally caught up and noticing that Coruscation Staff is unbalanced and a devastating destroyer of worlds. What does this mean? Right, horribly increased pickrate in public Legend and Cataclysm games (similar to how 90 % of all RV and OE have a combination of Coghammer/Dual Hammer and MWP/Trollhammer Torpedo (only OE)). Most of the suggestion will focus on the RMB attack as it becomes more problematic on higher difficulties but the LMB is not without issues.

The Fire Geysir - Coruscation Staff RMB Attack

For moderately low cost Sienna can cast a fire geysir damaging every enemy standing it in or running through it for a duration of 10 seconds. Keeping enemies in the geysir - which isn’t really that difficult - deals enough damage to kill most or all horde enemies on Cataclysm as well as severely damage elites and specials and monsters. In addition to that, due to the moderately low cost of the geysir, it can be spammed multiple times all around you and burn down everything while you can switch back to your melee weapon and blocking. And yes, the fire geysir has unlimited cleave. This means the higher the difficulty the more broken that thing is. For the official realm this means that the RMB is overpowered for Cataclysm and Legend difficulty. There are several ways how this could be adjusted and I will name a few which came into my mind. However, I want to emphasize that heavily prefer the first suggestions as it is the most elegant of the lot:

  1. All damage of the fire geysir is divided by the number of currently active fire geysirs. What does this mean? As long as you only place one geysir it does the equal damage as right now. If you place a second, each geysir does only half damage. If you place a third one, each does only a third of the maximal damage. Why is this solution the most elegant? Because it discourages spam. If you place your geysir well-timed and well-placed you still do excellent damage. If you just spam though, you see a lot of mildly burning fire. It gives the weapon also slightly more tactical depth. Do you want to concentrate on one side and burn down the horde there, or do you want to create geysirs on multiple fronts “just” weakening the enemies for your team mates to finish them. Also the 10 s duration is no longer a pure boon where you spam and go into defense mode. It is now detrimental if you placed it badly. It punishes spam and bad decision making just like a powerful weapon should do. Also, this change will hardly affect the feel-powerful-casual difficulties of Champion and below as enemies have roughly half the health of Cataclysm and it still does excellent damage even on multiple geysirs. On the higher challenge difficulties of Legend and Cataclysm it asks better decision making from its user to show its full power.
  2. This is the option I suggested earlier but which seems dated to me now. Increase the duration by 2 seconds, decrease damage by 25 % so that damage per Geysir roughly stays the same. This would help at least a bit on Cataclysm but has close to no effect on any other difficulty. Also, the RMB would still be spammable without end. You could try to limit the number of maximal active fire geysirs to two or three but it would feel more artificial.
  3. Fire geysirs are only active as long as the Coruscation Staff is hold in hand. Interesting on paper but a nightmare in reality. Would ask for a very different playstyle of backsitting and casting which sounds nice but very few people may be able to do without dying. Also feels counter-intuitive that the geysirs abruptly vanish when switching weapons.
  4. Decrease the duration to five seconds or less. Due to the moderately low cost of the geysir this solution wouldn’t really work well. It would still be geysir spam, just with shorter bursts. While it would tackle the issue of cast and block, it would not tackle the issue of hell inferno burning everything to the ground. One of the badder solutions.
  5. Increase heat cost to double or triple. Would work and discourage spam as you just have very few casts. But it is a boring solution and not close to the elegance of non-linear balance suggestions like the one made in point 1.
  6. I thought I had more ideas but can’t remember anything right now. Maybe I’ll edit later.

The Fire Shotgun - Coruscation Staff LMB Attack

Press LMB to bodyshot one hit kill every unarmored enemy (bar monster) in the game up to Cataclysm. Plague Monks? LMB. Berserker? LMB. Mauler? LMB. Oh neat, killed the gas rat in the mix to. And you can do this multiple times is succession like 6-8 times or more. No, that the shotgun deals only moderately against armored enemies does not justify bodyshotting these elites in such a quick succession and no weapon should be able to deal out shotgun damage this frequently (looking at you Griffon Foot). If something kills a Plague Monk on Cataclysm with one shot, you shouldn’t be able to do this more than four times in a row without reloading or venting. Period. Actually, I would say 2-3 is the good limit but I doubt I get this through. So I will compromise on four.
So summarized: Increase the heat cost for the LMB attack by 50 - 100 % to make it a balanced shotgun type weapon.


Idea 1

What if you had an added ammo system ?
Like you have 3 to 5 active ingredient, to be thematic I would have be represented by keys

Each would have an internal cooldown which would be dependent on how much you charge the well
So at max you could have 5 wells but then not have any for a noticeable time

Idea 2

Each active well increase the Winds’ disturbance, meaning that her heat generation would increase
Like a 1 to 5% more for each well

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Interesting, didn’t hear about ingredients before. So it is a precedent that certain magic can only be casted a certain amount? However, I think that more than three geysirs at the same time is to much. Personally, I really would like to decrease the active number to three, ideally two IF nothing is changed in the damage section.

Second idea is “similar” to 5. however in a more organic manner. Depending on numbers it could discourage the spam which annoys me. It also creates a more interesting aspect that if you time your geysirs better and wait a bit, you can simply cast more magic and finally at a higher and more constant pace as just spamming left and right.

Yes but no

Magic depend on 2 things in absolute:

  • Wind of magic
  • Willpower

Wind of magic is basically everywhere so it doesn’t matter as much, the ambient level will just let you gather more power easily or not, all depending on your will (as magic is not natural and will just act as if you’re taking a live electrical cable in one hand to shine a light bulb) you can force more wind without real problem, but there are ways to make it easier for yourself:

  • Knowledge (To be able to shape it how you need to and not burn out by using it wrong)
  • Power (Ambient Wind, can also be supplied with Power Stones, other being, yourself…)
  • Ingredients (Tied to the type of the wind that you desire to use)
  • Fulcrum (A Focus, like a staff, a Grimoire, a mirror…)
  • Enchanted and/or symbolic Objects (Rune enchanted masterwork of the Dwarfs, Vile pelts of the Beastmens, The Shroud of a fallen Bretonnian Knight)
  • Special places (Old Battle field, Ancient Forest, Site of Divine Worship…)
  • Special Time (Due to Celestial bodies and rituals)
  • Timely Aids, be it from other Magister, unwilling sacrifices, or other wordly beings, even in some cases non-practitioners (See spell of Aqshy: “Fury of Sigmar”)
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While Corus does incredable amount of raw dmg upfront, which makes it look like a god tier weapon on scoreboard, it comes with a downside; it’s short. I find it especially troublesome for UC because while she with Corus can absolutely destroy everything at a close range, she can also get easily bullied by Stormers, Ratlings, and Gas Rats at a long range. BW has better time with Corus as she has almighty Burnout which lets her partly overcome the downside of Corus by simply putting her closer to targets, but she already has the Beam. Compared to Beam BW who is just a jack of all trades Corus BW is all about raw dmg, and honestly I find it less reliable. If she has to use ult to get Stormers, it gets more likely that she wouldn’t have it ready when it’s required for elsewhere, like downed teammates.

Pyro on the other hand has absolute blast with Corus. Her high crit chance effectively lengthen the range of LMB, and for a target even crit LMB can’t reach, she has Burning Head. So I’d agree that Corus outperforms any other staffs in hands of Pyro, yet I don’t find it particularly troublesome at the moment because Pyro, is Pyro; the underdog. She needs this staff to compete with others.

Among your suggestions I find 4 or 5 preferable, because I believe that since Corus suffers against ranged specials it should keep that close ranged firepower, although it could require more investments than now which 4 and 5 suggests.

If you want to nerf it, nerf the left click.

For example, left click still can one-shot the fatties on cata at close range while using famished flames - make it so that it can’t one-shot the fatties on famished flames(at least need more power investment to do so). Maybe reduce armor damage even more(but keep the stagger).

It already has a massive flaw of being fairly useless at range(unless against stationary ranged specials like ratlings). It’s like a flamethrower that doesn’t suck(since it can continuously deal damage while you’re meleeing) - buff flamethrowers instead.

Flamethrower need more versality rather than a straight buff

Like maybe on special attack have it create a slow cloud of flame that go forward or something

Personally kind of like how they did it in the tournament balance mod.
Geyser weapon swap time is now instantaneous

  • Geyser duration is reduced to 3 seconds

  • burning dot will now last 2 seconds with a max of 3 stacks and 1 second inbetween dots

  • slightly reduced damage of the shotgun to not oneshot maulers that easily.

If not this then the above ammo system also sounds something with potential.

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Just shift more of its damage to even higher DOT instead of impact damage so it’s less gimped with famished flame or something.

And that will also make armor damage slightly better, I believe.

It could use a straight buff because it already deprives team of a lot of thp(and requires one to be mostly immobile/constantly casting); plus lack of range/instantaneous damage.