Hoping for BW balance changes with new Career

Both Coruscation Staff and Battle Wizard have needed changes for a long time.

It’s at the point where 90% of the time I see Sienna in my game, it’s a BW deleting half of the map effortlessly.

I’m trying not to be toxic here, but you don’t exactly need to have good positioning, land headshots, have good timing or anything to make it work either. It deletes all sorts of Elite density, even when the player is wildly out of postion.

It’s a bit of a meme with our premades that they join, delete half of the map, teleport into bad positioning, die and then leave the match. It’s actually kind of frustrating how often this happens.

On top of all of this, while they’re doing all of that, it’s completely blinding to the other players, because of all of the fire.

If it wasn’t so popular I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it ruins the game how often there’s a BW. The last Tzeentch Vanguard event became boring after the first few days, due to people just spamming Battle Wizard in to it.

There’s quite literally thousands of build variations I’d love to try in Tzeentch Vanguard, but every one of them just had a Battle Wizard in, until I ended up having to play Pyro to prevent them joining (roll in the shotgun BH’s :DDDDD).


While it doesnt scale quite as well, this applies to the WS bloodshot builds too, just figured i´d note that for fatshark.


on the opposite side of the scale would be pyro not deleting anything ever with her ult


Indeed both BW as well as Coruscation Staff need a heavy nerf. Unlimited cleave coupled with absurd high damage is a bad combination, always has been, always will be.

Question is how to balance them properly. For Coruscation Staff for example simply reducing the time of the Geysir would be a horrible solution as it would make it simply a spam weapon still being overpowered. Also increasing the overcharge cost is doing nothing as long as two of three Sienna careers can simply exploit the overcharge puffer. So it would need some changes to its damage and this is where people become very sensitive.
Personally, I would like to see Coruscation Staff more of a tactical weapon with rare frequency but good results if placed well. As such it would need some counter to it being spammed. The easiest way to implement this would to leave the weapon as it is. However, when you do a cast you create a stack which decreases the damage of all active geysirs for 10 seconds. Max stack would be 2 or 3 and damage reduction would be Damge/(1+number of stacks). This way if you only cast a Geysir every 10 seconds you have full power Coruscation Staff, if you start spamming you will drop down first to half damage then to a third of damage. This way you can decide if you want the full damage upon good placement or do spamming for weakening the horde for your melee teammates. Far more engaging and entertaining then the world burner we have right now.

For Battle Wizard is halfway easy or difficult depending on how you look at it. Because frankly changes on Battle Wizard should be accompanied with changes on Pyromancer. It would like this:

Unchained: Would mostly stay the same although there are some minor changes to make her more interesting to play and to get more players away from the meta.

Pyromancer: Is incredibly strong but any system build around crit is simply boring to play. The crit would have to go, the melee power would have to be reduced, Volane’s Doctrine would have to be nuked out of existence and should never return. On the other hand she should become the ranged powerhouse with an increase on ranged damage on higher overcharge with a non-linear function. So at overcharge she would be devastating but also slowed down. A ballista-type of gameplay.

Battle Wizard: She would have to lose some of her ranged power or at least force the player to make a choice. In contrast to the current high damage, unlimited cleave it should be a choice between control/horizontal damage OR single target vertical damage, not both. For this Kaboom should be changed to the damage talent (increase damage but remove stagger), Burnout should be the control/mobility talent (remove damage outside a minor burn effect but let it be on boss stagger level) and Quickening could stay as it is, finally being a good middle ground between the other two. Then there should be a change to the way Famished Flames work (which I am not sure the code allows). Famished Flames should not influence damage/power of non-burning attacks at all (so it doesnt shoehorn you into the Fire Sword). However, it should decrease the power of burn-causing attacks by 50 % while increasing the fire/burn damage by 30-50 % (actually more to compensate the power loss). The idea here is that if someone wants to play Famished Flames with Fire Sword he does a lot of damage with the burn attack but he loses on stagger and cleave due to the reduced power. So higher damage against fewer targets. This would make the current Fire Sword, endless THP, super-stagger safe-heaven build not the meta anymore. Fire Sword would still work good with it as would other non-burning weapons. Overall an increase in weapon viability for Battle Wizard and Famished Flames. Volcanic Force can mostly stay the same but the overcharge cost should increase with the talent when max charged.

This would make all three careers feel more different and change the way weapons feel between careers as well. Changes to Unchained and Battle Wizard shouldnt be that much work or hard to implement (outside of the Famished Flames change). Though, changes to Pyromancer would need a rework of the career. And all this consideration is outside of the fourth career we not yet know what she brings.


fully agree but i would add a nerf to the THP generation potential of both flaming sword and dual hammers, its ridiculous how some weapons need to work tirelessly to keep up a sliver of thp and these two can just generate a full bar of thp in a couple of swings


I feel like enemy amount damage caps (how many you can have burning at once) and Elite damage reduction on Coruscation could help. I really hope Pyro gets a few changes and BW does, but I’m not holding my breath at this point. I think BW nerfs is the most likely thing to happen.

Thinking about it, it’s kind of bonkers how difficult it is to fight a Patrol in melee range, and then Coruscation can just plop a few flames down and wait for 7-10 of them to die. It’s way too easy to get value out of.

TBF though I play Fireball and Beam on BW to the same effect.

This is the build I get the most value out of:

Here’s hoping for a day when big fire AoE’s get tied to 2-3 hit weapon combos, and aren’t as spammable.

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this is indeed a nice idea. Just let the staff like it is, but the player has to think about how many geysir he wants to set. Reducing the damage depending on how many geysirs are up, sounds like a really good nerf mechanic. I hope they will rework her like this.

the capped damage nerf could be at 50% as well

I would argue for a less obtuse/complicated coruscation staff nerf ; maybe add a cap to the existing number of geyers.
For example, you could only have a maximum of 2 geysers active, and plopping down a 3rd one makes the oldest one disappear. That way, you could spam geysers if you want but you would only get the initial burning effect instead of a huge damaging zone that lasts 12 sec or something. This would be a very obvious effect that you would clearly see in the keep against the mannequins.
And to compensate, the shotgun blast could use a tiny buff (in terms of range, for example)

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all staves need to be charged, the coruscation should too,
give the the geysir different stages like all other spells, for example:

  • stage 1 (spamable) does not apply any burning and only has the direct dmg.
    *stage 2 (charged) like it is now (i suggest 1.5s but could be longer or shorter depending on how strong you see this staff)

an entirely different aproach could be that as long as an geysir is active the overheat does not drop. (with any means that occure naturaly or modify natural heatsink)
so the staff would be way more venting intensive especially for BW as she does not have a overheat reset.

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Acredito que tenha que vir mudanças para outras classes além dessa arma.

Muito bom. Agora tudo isso seria bom ser balanceado junto com outros personagens.