Unchained‘s Talent Chain Reaction(10-3) is Useless

The burning enemy explodes, but does not cause damage to nearby enemies. Is this just a special effect?

Yeah everyone agrees it’s a bad talent and it has been discussed on these forums quite a number of times. It does no damage, doesn’t dot enemies, though the stagger power seems reasonable.

Your post made me curious to see if it would be more impactful with coruscation staff since you can easily have most enemies on fire most of the time with it. Long story short you need some pretty extreme density before it starts to have any noticeable impact.

As a side note last time this talent was adjusted it apparently had its proc rate boosted up to 40%. Both from using it in missions and testing in keep with creature spawner I’m almost certain the actual proc rate is much lower than that.

I think it needs to proc more often (currently it can only proc if UC kills a flaming enemy, this should be extended to any party member killing a burning enemy) and have a larger blast radius. Then I think it might not need any damage to be impactful enough for its niche, which is presumably meant to be CC. Stagger strength might also need to be upped somewhat but hard to say since I’m not sure what its current stagger strength actually is.


While you can argue that it kinda gives the Coruscation stuff some stagger (as they staff has exactly 0 stagger power) it is still not really that helpful. I would like to remove the increased Pushing/Stagger Power from Unchained’s passive list and include it in Chain Reaction. That would make it a reasonable pick.


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