Unchained-chain reaction is invalid

I don’t get it.

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Making blind guesses:

  • If your complain is that Chain Reaction does not cause any explosions than it is a bug
  • If your complain is that Chain Reaction does not do any damage than that is by design and not a bug
  • If your complain is that Chain Reaction is pretty much useless in nearly all situations than you are right but it is not a bug

Wait if the explosions don’t deal damage, what’s the point ? Does “exploding” here mean “transfer the burn to nearby enemies” ?

As far as I remember it only staggers enemies. Nothing else. Which makes the talent pretty pointless unless you are in close quarter combat with high enemy densities. Basically, it “may” only help with Twins or Weaves.

With Coruscation Staff it may have a nuance more of usage since the staff has high damage but zero stagger at all. So or so, it is underwhelming. FS should simply incorporate the current Unchained stagger power passive into the talent and we would have less Flaming Flail Sheningans and a competive talent without powercreeping anything.


So you mean the talent has almost no effect,not a bug? :worried:

It causes visually noticeable explosions with a decent stagger strength. Very noticeable in dense hordes when setting a lot of things on fire, not really impactful at all otherwise.

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