Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

Well yeah, it’s a system they clearly didn’t impertinent outside Skittergate which is clearly always supposed to be the hardest Helmgart map. But that makes the point that CoD clearly isn’t on the same level as the other helmgart final events currently. Outside maybe Skittergate with bots. But if you’re running bots on either, then CoD is more RNG based than Skittergate.

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Then is it so that the only event you find interesting is literally convocation of decay? Since there is no spot that is remotely safe and grouping up is much more difficult there than anywhere else?

But that difficulty is entirely artificial!

The whole struggle comes from people wanting to stay in the cirlce, and doing so while dying, because they get themselves stuck in melee against too many elites&specials without sufficient room. A team that just bails out when the elites come in wont die.

They´ll take a long while to clear the event, but they wont die…and their eyes will hurt due to repeated flashbangs.

IMO the event at righteous stand, when the spawns dont bug, is much better. It throws heaps of enemies at you from various directions and even a monster to go along with em…which makes it all the more unfortunate that the spawns are so bugged and sometimes not even half the enemies or even the monster actually get inside.

That´s why i also vastly prefer the convocation events in the wastes, similar format but more enemies, room and monsters.

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Still is a valid point considering is reasonable for new player or one that is making the jump to higher difficulty to use the act order expecting to gradually get used to the new challenges the game throws at you.


Yes, plus: since VT1 the DLC maps have been tougher than the base maps. It doesn’t hold for every single map, but the trend is there nonetheless.


Its about convo so I mainly compare to it.

Well made events are:
Righteus stand - gives a lot of possibility how you want to do it, enemies come from different sides without bs spawn

  • Doomwheels barrels- again a lot of possibility how you want to attack it,you need to watch a lot of what is happening around you, you can actually use that barrels offensively (they clear trash and monks quite well), you can preclear stuff for somebody getting barrel there etc.

  • Old ferry event, where you get tons of monks with shielded sv, it actually forces you to think if you want to stand near ledge with such overwhelming enemy forces, ofc it could be easy dealt with nades or good cooperation

  • End event of dark omen- Easy to do when you dont panic, you have a lot of ledges and other places to dodge dance everything, but some ledges are quite bad to use (dead ends quite easy to see), you can outkill everything or focus on banners and block everything. Outside of this being goatfest its very well made event.

  • Old fort baconbreakfast - monk fest was amazingly chaotic but they are quite predictable and fort having very few places that monk can take you out from around corner make it good. Lots of possibility to dodge dance with everything prioritising targets etc, only bad thing its like i said earlier suicidal respawn place

  • Sceaming bell- its fun, you can do it easy way or fun way both have pros and cons, if you want to clear it before going for chains you can do it, or you can yolo it with fast chain break to force stop spawning enemy its good option too. Special prioritising is mandatory like always.

  • Athel yenlui end - its okaish with good team you can do all switches at one time so you have actuall tangible reward for being good there.

Compare it to now Pit/horn of magnus/baconbreakfast event, you stand in one place or 2 max and delete stuff as it goes to you, its boring. They are tunneled easly and you have lots of easy to run room.
Against the grain dont fell like event even. All lords/gatekeeper outside of nurgloth are joke.
Hunger in the dark final event is meh comparing to cart in darkness.

I don’t see why ppl expect 100% always clear, fail is part of the game especially if you play with random ppl. If you think that is wasted time if you failed 20-30 min, why are you even playing it, you dont have fun slaying rats for that 20-30 min?
Cod is one of few events that its not easy to solo carry, it expect to cooperate.

And thats all my spam for now, I will ree later on how nerfed to ground in fs style it will be when path comes :slight_smile:

(oh wow "+ " is that formatting dot)


I just wanna say it’s insanely refreshing to see you actually type up a full post with all your reasoning and no sarcasm/insults/git gud talk. If you could keep up this new posting style that’d be pretty sick.

I still think as someone with 1.7k hours you’re overestimating how easy some of this stuff is, but I’d agree with most of your end event breakdown. I would genuinely like the old Fort B event back with, as you pointed out, a better respawn point. Not many other events that throws Berserkers at you in those numbers, was rather novel and a single shotgun on your team made it pretty straightforward anyway.

Also I can definitely associate with apprehension about overnerfing. I reeeaaaallly hope they use a light touch on CoD. Please FS, just slow down spawns a bit when everyone is out of the circle so it’s not so difficult to recover, and deal with the annoying visuals and that’s seriously enough. It sounds like they’re gonna go further than that with the legend version but I swear if the Cata nerf goes beyond minor QoL fixes I’m gonna be upset.


They did, Skittergate and Lord maps drop extra loot dice because they are supposed to be harder

Now, there is definitely an argument to be made for the balancing of some of those maps at this point

I agree all normal maps should have similar balance irregardless of placement in acts unless you’re getting more of a reward for the effort

Dont count on it. Its always same reasoning behind my posts, its just not worth most of time to show it in lenght.
People dont use resources or dont know how to use them and dont want to learn it (its not like FS dont help that ) not even saying that 90% of legend qp straight up ignore specials and their sound cues
Like I always said, bots are avearage qp player :slight_smile: and everybody know how good bots are

QoL fix is set auto exposure to max, it dont affect gameplay in any negative way.

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Glad to hear that this overtuned event is finally going to get walked back a bit. Getting tired of having to do it with 1 person in the circle and 3 people spread out down around the outside. Randoms don’t seem to be able to handle any amount of responsibility you give them and couldn’t dodge a disabler if you offered to pay them to do it. While I can complete this event, not a lot of people can.

I encourage my fellow higher echelon rat-killers here to remember that a game with broad appeal is a successful game. You have many tools to make the game harder for yourself (deeds/twitch/playing with awful gear choices), but the base game doesn’t need to specifically cater to those of us at a higher skill level beyond what they have already provided us.

Kind of disappointed that it took 11 months from the original date of this poll to get word one way or another. People had been screaming about it for quite a long time before this thread.


This is still in the works and wasn’t snuck out, right?

Randomly tried this with bots yesterday:
The first special wave had a flamer spawn instantly under the ledge close to the pool with no sound queue. Sure that early it’s easy to kill, but it’s also very obvious what happened and not just an “oh you missed it due to combat”

Bots also constantly walk into the pool, lose all their stamina and die.

There hasn’t been a patch yet

I didn’t want to assume these changes couldn’t be done as a server only update that doesn’t require any client downloads.

It’s just been a while, so I wanted to confirm.

There have been talks of a July patch (in the weaves discussions, iirc) so I bet we’ll get it together with the next weave season.

Or was it June?

ROFL - only took a year :slight_smile:

Sad I had to help several good players through this just for black armor. The whole arguments of “git gud” and “you’re not a good player cause you don’t play cata” was just ridiculous. Several confirmations of different specials spawn in and that argument was just ignored up till now.

About time something going to be fixed.



It honestly it doesn’t feel significantly different.

Specialls feel less bugged but the amount of armour your facing feels very much like Cata level of difficulty.
Issue probably made worse because I only need CoD on my least 3 enjoyed careers, so I’m playing what I don’t feel comfortable with. Still it’s a total joke of difficulty level and suddenly the event ramps things up to 11. It’s still not a consistant challenge, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Edit: Ranger Vet completed it the first try. rough but can stay alive solo on him just fine.
Huntsman completed first try.
Pyro took 3 attempts but got it done, just had to drop a lot more often and circle back in before bots died.

Still a tough fight but feels a lot fairer than it did.
No instances of specials spawning in silently next to the circle.


Done it a couple of times now. I think only thing removed is Blights and Poison globes? Seems fair now.


It is way smoother without being too easy. I did it twice and the spawns seemes quite consistent also.

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From average Legend scrub’s PoV, nothing changed: if someone fails, its basically game over. Just tried with bots: WHC dies in very beginning (catched by absolutely silent or instantly spawned down there and climbed pack rat), but we managed to survive to like 2/3 progress. Because lack of DPS i feel overwhelmed and i decided to jump for rez and while i make my way through 10000 rats (crazy spawns dont stop even while no one up there), rez Salty and go back, progress reduced back to 1/4 (-100500 morale debuff btw). OK, i’m up there but bots already drowned in infinite spawns down there. Wipe.
This map is still broken.
P.S. How about redesign a map to BEGIN with this event so if someone managed to do it, it is basically a win. I mean, spending 15-20 minutes in boredom just to fail in the very end is frustrating.

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I believe the change in the source code is here if you want to take a look at how exactly it was tweaked - scripts/settings/terror_events/terror_events_catacombs.lua.

From what I see, they toned downed globadiers, warpfire throwers, and ratling gunners (maximum is now 1, from 2). Blightstormers were removed in Legend. Gutter Runners were removed in Cata. Note that the above is from what I interpret the change in the code to be, I could be wrong (and/or looking at the wrong code). Please correct me if I am wrong.

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