Controller Users NEED These Few Tweaks

Controller users when looting ammo or anything else get locked into the reload animation on their guns, with a longer reload animation gun this can mean death, needs to be changed so when looting it does not reload your gun. Some would say change to your melee before looting ammo but lets be real that is not a work around it needs changing.

The second is obvious, we need an ADS slider, its a shooter and just having controller sensitivity for look does not cut it, to be able to aim properly and quickly it means that when you stop aiming your look sensitivity is ridiculously high and flys around all over the place.

Do not know how you are going to change the looting one but some guns like the bolter you get locked into the animation with no way to cancel it and for an animation that long it leaves you really really vulnerable to attack, having this animation happen every time you loot a healing box or ammo or anything is just not acceptable, i should imagine on the hardest difficulty it would make it nigh on impossible.