The game should have more robust sensitivity options

I should start by saying that I’m playing on controller. Three points to make here. First is regarding Aim Acceleration. It is far too aggressive. I like some acceleration but not nearly this much. This setting should be a slider, not a toggle.

Second is Aim Down Sight Sensitivity. We need to be able to change this independently of our normal sensitivity. This is a pretty big feature to be missing in a shooter. Even on keyboard and mouse I think this is missing. Please implement it.

Last is Aim Assist. This game’s aim assist feels very jarring, yanking my aim around where I don’t want it. That’s okay. A lot of games have aim assist like that. Just let me turn it off please.

idk how you play this with a controller but no aim sensitivity is awful and has been brought up by others

idk how you play this with a controller

Same way thousands of console players play shooters I guess. Its not so bad if its what you’re used to. This is a PvE game not a competitive PvP twitch shooter like counterstrike, so really a controller is perfectly serviceable. I use one mostly for ergonomic reasons.

The key for me that makes it workable though is the ability to dial in sensitivity, ADS sensitivity, and aim acceleration together, and disable aim assist which is usually more disruptive for me that it is helpful. Without being able to tune those appropriately it can feel clunky and awkward, which is why I made a post about it specifically. I know I am an outlier in using a controller on PC, and the beta is not on console. I figured that if I didn’t bring up the controller specific aspects of this, then maybe no one would.