Requests For Controller Improvements

I have made a post in the past requesting improvements for controller users, but there has yet to be a response to my feedback. So I am posting a new thread but this time keeping it real simple.

  1. Sensitivities Aren’t The Same: In the game if you set the X and Y sensitivities to be the same, they still aren’t. The Y sensitivity is always slower than the X sensitivity, so the suggested change is to make them the same, when I make them the same value.

  2. More Precise Aiming: Currently the game has a Linear curve when it comes to the aiming. The problem this presents is that trying to make precise adjustments is impossible, since the low end moves pretty fast. The suggestion here is to make precise adjustments more precise, so that making a small correction would be actually possible.

  3. We need A Deadzone Slider: The Deadzone in the game is pretty big by default and plenty of players do not like this. Some players prefer having smaller Deadzones, so you should allow us to change it to our preference. It should be a slider ranging from the current default to 0. That way players can choose to stay at default, 0, or somewhere inbetween.

  4. Allow an Aim Smoothing Slider: This option would also be a nice addition to the game. Some players prefer having some Aim Smoothing in their controls, so why not add it? Some players feel more comfortable with it, or they can’t play without it. A simple slider will do the trick.

The devs should implement these changes and setting into the game at some point as a quality of life update. There is no reason for these options to not be there, and these changes will just be healthy for the game and improve player comfort.

TL;DR: Make sensitivities the same
Make aiming more precise
Add a Deadzone and Aim Smoothing slider

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to see what others think about these quality of life changes for controller users.


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