Need More Controller Options and Changes to Aim Acceleration and Aim Assist

I’ll start off saying that it was very awesome of the developers to add a toggle for the Aim Acceleration for controllers. But there is still some much needed improvements to the controller aim and options. I’ll be listing all the options and changes that the devs should really consider adding into the game.

  1. Aim Acceleration: First let’s fix how it works. The problem with the Aim Acceleration is that it goes from very slow to very fast in and it is completely clunky and jarring. The issues is that it has no ramp up time, there is what seems to be an acceleration delay instead, and the max value is too high.

How should this be fixed? Well there are two solutions: Instead of going from super slow to super fast, it should instead ramp up to max speed over time, smoothly blending into the max turn speed so that it feels more natural and smooth to the player.
The second solution is more options. An Aim Acceleration Multiplier setting, an Aim Acceleration Ramp Up Time setting, and an Aim Acceleration Ramp Up Delay setting.

Aim Acceleration Multiplier setting: This will determine how much Acceleration the player wants and it could values ranging from 1.5x to 3x the Acceleration, so player can have either a lower or higher Acceleration Jump.

Aim Acceleration Ramp Up Time setting: This will allow the Acceleration to ramp up to max speed over time, instead of just instantly hitting max speed. The player will be able to choose a value between 0 and 1, 1 being it takes 1 full second to ramp up to max speed while 0 is how it is now.

Aim Acceleration Ramp Up Delay setting: This adds an extra timer before it begins Acceleration. For example, if this were set to 1 second, once your thumbstick hits the edge, it will take one second before beginning the ramp up timer. There should be values ranging from 0 to 1, 1 being it takes 1 second before it transfers into the ramp up timer.

  1. Deadzones: Players should already have this as an option, since everyone has different preferences. Currently the Inner Deadzone feels too big, and makes precise adjustments difficult to do, and can make aiming feel clunky. The Inner Deadzone being the area in the center of the stick that prevents movement.

Solution: Add a Deadzone Slider with values ranging from 0 to 20% so that the player can choose if he wants to disable his Deadzone, turn it up if he is experiencing stick drift (unwanted camera movement), or somewhere in between.

  1. Aim Assist Needs to Change: The Current “Aim Assist” isn’t even Aim Assist. It’s Auto Aim and it hurts the player by being way too intrusive and doing all the work for the player. Currently all it does is ‘snap’ to targets and lock on to them and following them even when standing still. This should be removed and instead replaced with a better, more subtle Aim Assist.

Solution: The Aim Assist should be combined of two parts, Slowdown and Rotation.

Slowdown: Slowdown will lower the player’s sensitivity when they are aiming over a target, but only by a little bit! Let’s say 20%. This form of Assist helps with fine tuning your shots with the analog stick and will actually be helpful.

Rotation: This will only be activated if the player is moving either of the sticks ONLY! If the player is simply moving the left stick (walking) and there is an enemy in view, the camera should try to lightly rotate the player’s view towards the enemy to help the player track the target whilst strafing.

Now if the player is moving the right stick Rotation Assist should try to lightly pull the crosshair towards the enemy. This will help the player get on to target and help the player track moving targets.

Now I know this is a lot to read but please developers, add these settings into the game and make these tweaks to make playing with a controller that much more comfortable and polished! Everything I have listed here would only benefit the player and make playing the game that much more enjoyable!

I thank the devs in advance and I thank anyone who took the time to read this very long post. Please post your thoughts and again, add this into the game.

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