Control Pad - Aim Acceleration and Input Latency

As it was in the original Vermintide, the Control Pad Aim Acceleration is too strong. This makes Vermintide 2 a struggle to control with a Control Pad as often it will cause the player to overshoot because it kicks in too quickly and is very strong when it kicks in.

In the original Vermintide, on Xbox One Console, coupled with the pre-rendered frames which can cause input latency, this was a nightmare to play with. It was actually a huge factor in me putting the game down and not playing it further, because it felt unresponsive.

I didn’t noticed anything in the PC settings to disable or reduce aim acceleration. I think it would be a good idea to add this as an option in both the PC version and the upcoming Console releases.

Also please try and reduce the amount of pre-rendered frames on Consoles. Input Latency really is undesirable.

Thanks for listening.