Controller Control changes status

Fatshark_tazar awesomly explained on reddit about a month ago that he will look into a separated dodge and jump control for the controller (most probable and wanted solution was to leave dodge on A, put jump to B instead of crouch and have crouch on the dpad)

Is there any status update on this? It is heavily anticipated and would really change the world for controller players.

The engineer is super awesome btw!

P.S. I am a PC player, so when these changes are coming to PC would be my question


I play with a controller aswell and i’ve lost count of the amount of times that i died because my dude jumped instead of dodged. So yeah, i want this change too


Yes, I feel you so much. It is even worse, that you have to time the second dodge not too early before you can dodge again, because then you just jump again. awful and I really hope it will come soon - some days i don’t even wanna play because it is so tilting and aggrevating

So, is there no information available on this? Guess I’ll have to wait and hope it will be soon^tm then :frowning:

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