Controller Feedback

I am playing with an XB1 Elite Controller and it plays great with it. The auto aim is spot on.

One thing that still gives me a bit of trouble after 80 hours is dodging. Since there is only one button for jumping/dodging, i tend to jump when i wanted to dodge.

My suggestion is, please put crouching on LS click and make a separated button for dodging. At least as an option.

The left stick click is already bound: Secondary Attack

It is used for inspecting character. Not very useful. Id rather have a dedicated dodging button.

Simple: Stop playing on a controller.

Okay, joking aside, I’ve no idea why you wouldn’t be able to rebind buttons (or separate Dodge and Jump) on a controller, as it’s done even in games that don’t rely on intuitive controls, such as JRPGs. Also, separating dodge and jump is a thing many (most?) players do, at least if they want to get to Legend. Controllers do have a slightly more limited (useful) button selection than mouse &KB, so setting them up in a useful manner is even more important than on a keyboard.

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