A proposed new improved controller layout which I hope gets implemented

So, about a year ago I inquired on reddit about better controller layout options and have been heard by fatshark_tazar. In the following I posted a community feedback thread on reddit for other controller users to chime in and provide feedback on what they would like to see. My perspective comes from the PC controller base but it goes the same for console I think. Main complaints have been:

  • Separating Dodge and Jump (no more accidentally jumping instead of dodging)
  • Having a weapon inspect in game (currently on controller this only works in the keep and does nothing in a map)
  • More options for the quick-chat on PC (console versions have more options, why not include them on PC as well?)

While problem one has been toned down some patches ago with the introduction of the old V1 technique of diagonal inputs leading to side-dodges and not jumps) it still leaves a problem: only being able to jump backwards efficiently and more importantly jumping if a second consecutive dodge is not “ready” yet (e.g. pressing dodge again to fast after a first dodge)

I now want to offer an improved layout which solves a lot of these problems if fatshark would be willing to implement it (which I imagine should be easy). The buttons used in the following are for XBOX controllers:

  1. Put Dodge on A and Jump on B. Crouch can be put on a long press of the weapon switch, since it is only used in few situations which 99% of the time are no pressure situations.
  2. Have the weapon inspect work in-game. Same button (Left stick press). This should be immediately possible to implement since it did work in chaos wastes in the first month when the weapon inspect button was used for checking your boons (in the background even on controller you could then see your weapon being inspected)

I have tested this layout using the Steam-controller configurations. Due to V2 not being able to mix analog and keyboard inputs at the same time I converted my controller to a “mouse and keyboard”. This layout works like a charm. Dodge and Jump fully separated without losing the crouch function. Weapon swapping still working without any problems and weapon inspect finally working ingame.

However, playing like this is not great due to the joystick imitating mouse movement - which means controller QoLs like aim acceleration or vertical/horizontal sensitivity differences and only WASD-movement instead of analog all-directional movement are hardly or not at all implementable using steam configurations.

Thus, I really hope fatshark may take a few hours (this really shouldn’t be more work than 1-2h) and implement this layout. I would love to be able to dodge without fear of jumping and inspecting my weapons ingame would be great(I haven’t ever seen a healing draught inspected - there are none in the keep and this is sad)!

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