More controller binding options for console players

Please, let us unbind jump from dodge without using one of the (unintuitive) alternate configurations. I can’t count the amount of overheads I’ve eaten, or sniper shots I’ve failed to dodge, just because jump is bound to dodge. This would probably be the biggest QoL improvement for controller users on console.


I don’t play on console so I didn’t know there isn’t an option for this and this is “wow”.
I’ve seen countless ppl in T5 mael doing jumping jacks mid horde. They really should give this option to console players.


Some games also offer extended binding modes such as double-tap/hold/active while pressed types of configurations which may work well to enhance the customisation as well!!


Its the same in V2 sadly. I have to use a control preset that has everything where I want it, but my right bumper is attack and my right trigger is special. Like, who tf did that! Who thought that would be a good controller preset?! Makes my eye twitch :ghost:

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