Constant disconnections and endless loading screens

From what I was able to play I really like the game if I forget everything I have to go through to play a normal game the game disconnects everywhere it’s absurd when I want to enter the lobby it disconnects like 3 to 4 times before Entering any lobby, within games it disconnects, not in all but disconnections are very overwhelming, luckily when it disconnects I can reconnect but sometimes I can’t and progress is lost and it happens to disconnect before finishing the game a few steps from the spaceship, but it is really a very basic problem of any online game that I hope this game will solve on the 30th because the truth is that it is unplayable if you keep disconnecting and the other thing is its infinite loading screens for both Entering the lobby or entering games is enormous, the loading screen is huge, which does not happen to me with other online games and is heavier. In fact, none of this happens to me in it (Warhammer Vermintide 2) in that game I can enter without disconnections good and fast to any lobby, I suffer disconnections but they are normal 1 to 2 every 3 or 4 games but here in the darcktide the disconnections and the infinite screen loads for everything are enormously overwhelming, but I hope that it is really solved at least I hope that on the 30th this is not there because it is really very basic, even so I love the game, I would really play it a lot if it did not disconnect so much, another thing is that it does not matter to the graphic quality that I configure it in both high and high quality On low the problems are still there, I can play in high quality at FPS nomal so I don’t have problems with the game in performance although it could be much better really in terms of performance

(actually i have a decent internet and a pc that exceeds the minimum requirements of the game so this is not the problem)

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Please provide any console logs and launcher logs as that helps the developer understand what particular issue might be causing your crashes. Thanks

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console-2022-11-17-23.30.33-de44748f-3cc3-4371-919d-14eb114d5c21.log (3.0 MB)
console-2022-11-18-23.04.50-d3b739f8-3a65-4d67-adc8-7bc70a2e7458.log (257.6 KB)
console-2022-11-19-02.33.43-5265a6b7-175c-46e8-b3ba-41ca38eee893.log (47.8 KB)
console-2022-11-21-01.33.10-026ce456-32a8-47a0-9612-5600b87eca55.log (1.2 MB)
console-2022-11-21-12.20.02-b2d4a89b-50f9-4b4f-b6a2-b1303ebe3cf7.log (1.1 MB)