Constant Crashing saying failed decompres '#ID#######

Issue Description:
It happens randomly any time I try to play the game. This can occur literally at any time from splash screens, after character select, or during any form of gameplay. I have other crashes that occur most often when I’m loading a new area, but this activity has increased since the latest update. I have reinstalled the game several times and verified game file integrity too. The system never finds anything remiss.

I have verified files.
I have reinstalled the game.
I have reinstalled Steam.
I have checked memory.
I have checked SSD Integrity.
I have reinstalled Video Driver.
I have doublechecked/repair install Visual C++ files.
I have doublechecked DirectX 12.
My system has no non-factory overclocks.
I have whitelisted the Anticheat and Darktide steam folders in Antivirus
I have whitelisted the Launcher and Game file in my firewall.

If you need anything else, I will try to provide it.
I wanted to upload more files, but limited due to new user status.

Crash Report (If Applicable):

crash_report-2023-02-19-05.56.03-a8f9c941-59bd-493a-82d1-081f6f853070.log (1.6 KB)
crash_report-2023-02-19-06.32.35-a6e7f403-72d8-4315-81cc-42bcf58f0a76.log (1.6 KB)
crash_report-2023-02-19-06.40.07-24cf8e9a-3c5e-4e38-993b-304e6cb06301.log (1.6 KB)

Crash Dumps:
crash_dump-2023-02-19-05.56.03-a8f9c941-59bd-493a-82d1-081f6f853070.dmp (979.1 KB)
crash_dump-2023-02-19-06.32.35-a6e7f403-72d8-4315-81cc-42bcf58f0a76.dmp (955.4 KB)
crash_dump-2023-02-19-06.40.07-24cf8e9a-3c5e-4e38-993b-304e6cb06301.dmp (914.7 KB)

Console Logs:*

console-2023-02-19-06.32.35-a6e7f403-72d8-4315-81cc-42bcf58f0a76.log (52.0 KB)
console-2023-02-19-06.34.11-ed862898-2f9e-499a-8b69-34a433867223.log (58.0 KB)
console-2023-02-19-06.38.36-23d163ee-372e-41a9-b098-58900232cbac.log (28.1 KB)

Error Displayed (If Applicable):
Failed decompress '#ID[###########], error: Oodle detected corruption in compressed segment…


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%) to Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Darktide crash

Tried another go and happened again.

GUID: 052b17a7-d7ea-4f65-a22b-137f685d13b0
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2023-02-19-07.24.27-052b17a7-d7ea-4f65-a22b-137f685d13b0.log (68.9 KB)
crash_dump-2023-02-19-07.24.27-052b17a7-d7ea-4f65-a22b-137f685d13b0.dmp (973.2 KB)
crash_report-2023-02-19-07.24.27-052b17a7-d7ea-4f65-a22b-137f685d13b0.log (1.6 KB)

Have you checked your RAM speeds, too? If the speeds are inconsistent it can produce persistent data corruption errors, bizarrely.

Hey VGorilla, I had the same issue as you.

Are you using the i9-13900k CPU by any chance?

My fix was making sure my CPU clock speed is similar to my RAM MHz speed (doesn’t have to be the exact same). My CPU clockspeed was too high and I believe it was the problem (it was the default setting)

This was the culprit for me that was causing data corruptions for darktide specifically, hope this helps.

Please becareful though, its generally risky to tamper with CPU settings (blue screen of deaths) Definitely get some help before attempting this.