Constant crashes, no obvious reason

Issue Summary: Game crashes reliably after variable time

The issue is occuring for some months now.
I did a file integrity verification and tried without any mods.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Joint or host a game
  2. Play between 3-15 Minutes
  3. Game crashes

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%) -> Did not finish a single map from start to end due to it in 30+ tries.

Additional Information:

DxDiag.txt (74.1 KB)
console-2019-01-31-00.49.05-31A02222-B99D-436D-9908-B427.log (353.8 KB)

Unfortunately the crashes you’re experiencing are called Access Violations and can occur for a number of reasons, usually due to something local. Please try running through the solutions listed here:

Thanks for your reply and advice, I did most of the list and something must have been the cause since I managed to finish a map afterwards without crash. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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