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I’ve had intermittent crashes since I installed the game in January, but since the minor patch before the anniversary one, I’ve had constant crashing. Mostly 10-20 mins, sometime 2 hours.

Before the Anniversary update, I’ve done a clean install of the game, updated drivers using the Custom Nvidia Clean Install method, lowered my Graphic settings, and recently unsubscribed and deleted my two sanctioned mods. It sometimes tells me to verify game files due to corruption, but when I do nothing is wrong. Sometimes I get the unsafe/cheating message.

Just wondering what the heck is going on.

GUID: 1e80df3c-8f05-4202-89a3-00ed7717840e
Log File:
Info Type:

And another.

GUID: b08bbf8b-9292-4976-a301-7e751021cf3e
Log File:
Info Type:

The crashes you’re experiencing are called Access Violations which are often caused by something local. Please try running through the solutions listed in this article here.

As for the data corruption errors, if this is a persistent problem you may want to check out this.

Please let me know if you need any help. :slight_smile:

Hi Julia,

Can you confirm that this is also an Access Violation log? I have had no luck so far, and still have the crashes.
I have completed all the tasks in the corruption errors checklist, with no problems.

In the Access Violations checklist, I have completed all the tasks expect the selective startup.
I uninstalled all C++ Redistributables, and when I go to Microsoft website, only the 2017 C++ is allowed to download. Once finished, I am unable to download 2015 C++, as it says I have an updated version installed. Is 2017 enough?

GUID: f0a53d0a-fb30-4382-b597-005ff2285379
Log File:
Info Type:

I just don’t understand what has changed in the game the past 2-3 weeks that would cause these repeated crashes.

Hi Julia,

I’ve completed all the tasks under the checklist and I have had no luck. Game continues to crash withing 10-20 minutes.

console-2019-03-12-21.28.15-4d337eae-00c9-4554-a415-15335e22cae8.log (858.0 KB)

console-2019-03-12-20.58.07-f1800599-757b-47b1-9c6f-c0f541ba5d53.log (771.6 KB)

DxDiag.txt (69.9 KB)

Indeed all look to be Access Violations unfortunately, I’ve raised this internally. Hopefully one of our developers can shed some light on this.

You’re not the only one @CoolHand, I (and I would like to think many many more people) are experiencing the same problems all post 1.5 patch. Game crashes even when trying to play vanilla style. Although, I was offered a refund instead of the promise that the situation be escalated internally to alert higher devs to the massive amount of problems they have going on here…

@Para-Medic Please see my latest response to your ticket.


After completing all required steps, I have, once again, reinstalled the game. Uninstalled and reinstalled Steam. I continue to crash within 15 minutes of the game session. I also get an error/crash message upon exiting the game. I have an entirely fresh install of the game.

Before uninstalling, I received 1-2 completely random messages about being untrusted by the game system, and that I had an unknown game file version. Verifying/uninstalling/installing EAC did nothing.

I also encounter a strange audio glitch, which there is no point looking into until I can play the game.

Explain to me why I have only encountered all this after the 1.5 patch, where I went from days of stable play time with very little problems, to no longer able to play the game. What has changed?

DxDiag.txt (70.1 KB)

GUID: f755a5fe-a82d-4c52-afaf-438c5b553ebe
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2019-03-17-00.16.14-7d6fac67-7a3f-42e0-b893-5c2fdbba3a10.log (730.7 KB)
console-2019-03-17-00.09.44-5f9f0bde-db34-44db-97d0-8886017dbd36.log (271.0 KB)

Apologies for the delays, @CoolHand. I hear you. One of our Engine Developers has looked in to your Access Violations but unfortunately could not determine the cause of the crashes.

In your most recent crash however, I see your GPU has essentially disconnected. This is unusual, as in most cases it would simply hang. It’s possible that some wonky GPU behaviour has contributed to the previous Access Violations, although it’s not clear what could be causing the continuous data corruption considering you’ve ran through the checklist with no problems.

The GPU disconnection is certainly something that needs to be addressed, as it’s unusual for an error of this kind to pop up out of the blue, but unfortunately there is no one shot panacea. Solutions include:

  • Perform another clean re-installation of your GPU drivers
  • Disable any overclocks (if you haven’t already)
  • Ensure none of your components are overheating
  • Ensure your PSU is capable of meeting the requirements of your hardware
  • Check inside your PC and ensure there’s no loose connectors

Thanks for the help and info, Julia. I’ll get my computer guy to have a look.

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