Constant crashes, mostly access violations

The game plays very rhapsodical.
In the very early versions of the game (closed beat / first months of release) I did not have this problem. Later, I could play a whole day with only one or 2 crashes, sometimes I crashed 3 times in one run, or 5-6 times in a few hours. Since the few latest updates it’s gotten even worse.
The crash reporters give nothing only a GUID ID.
I have tried everything listed in the forums. I have up-to-date Win, latest drivers, nothing overclocked, I tweaked worker threads, in-game chat, with / without mods, graphic settings, whatnot.
I have added RAM, upgraded GPU to new card, had 3 CPUs (i3, i5, i7) but lately I cannot finish 80% of my runs without crashing out of them. No disconnection issues, always crash to desktop.

DxDiag.txt (44.0 KB)

console-2018-12-11-19.46.45-82DE0C3B-30CD-4E59-89E5-89ED.log (102.0 KB)
console-2018-12-11-19.58.28-9973D3D6-BFD1-4979-9A65-F3EE.log (550.2 KB)
console-2018-12-11-19.49.05-D1D2D158-90C0-453E-8F2C-3938.log (635.9 KB)

Edit: I was remembering almost correctly. The first crash dump file showed up on the 3rd March, around when the game got out of the closed beta.

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Sorry to hear about this Palesz, it certainly must be infuriating to be crashing so regularly. The crashes you’re experiencing are called Access Violations which, unfortunately, are a pain to diagnose. There might be some solutions listed here which you haven’t already attempted (e.g. Visual C++ Redistributables, Selective Startup, Windows Memory Diagnostic):

Tried everything on your link.
Integrity - ok
Visual C++ reinstalled
RAM - ok
sfc - ok
rest was already tried or not applicable for me

3 crashes in 1 hour.

Edit: I have played about 5 hours today, crashed 11 times. I crashed from EVERY SINGLE mission I joined and wasn’t wiped too early. About 10-15 min in and the games collapses to the desktop and I can only finish if I play with friends and rejoin the session I have crashed from.

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